Legibility is the most important factor for passengers.
The inner sign – MobiSTOP – uses LED’s that adapt their brightness to suit prevailing light conditions, making its information always easy to read. MobiSTOP signs are available in various different coloured diodes.
The housing is made of robust protruded aluminium and the LED modules are fronted by a protecting glass board. The glass specially made for this application improves legibility and contrast. The smart and thin (40mm) design enables it to be installed in any environment.
It also can be used as double-sided sign, using a back-to-back installation. Extra LED modules or permanent text such as “stop” can easily be added to either side of the display. The sign is easy to handle and is completely maintenance-free.

  • Features
  • • Different LED colours available
  • • Permanent text for “stop”
  • • Alternating “stop” signal
  • • Completely maintenance free
  • Benefits
  • • Reduced life cycle cost
  • • Optimal legibility
  • • Robust, smart and secure design