Modern, compact and easy to use – those are just a few characteristics of the control unit MobiMASTER ICU 402 which is used to operate Mobitec’s destination and route number displays. Texts, numbers and graphics can be created with the Mobitec editing software MIE and then downloaded via USB stick to the control unit.
A front-mounted USB port allows for easy connectivity and fast data transfer.
User-friendliness has been of great importance already during the development stage of the control unit ICU 402 thanks to the integrated key pad and intuitive menu navigation, the desired destinations and route numbers can be selected easily and in no time at all.
The fully graphic, backlit monochrome display provides the driver with real-time information about what is
currently shown on the passenger signs.
The installation of the control unit ICU 402 is very simple. Various adapter kits are available and cater for
flexible fitting options inside the vehicle, such as mounting in a standard radio slot.

  • Features
  • • Modern and compact design
  • • Logical, intuitive user navigation
  • • High-resolution LCD display with backlighting
  • • Easy data transfer via USB port
  • • High-speed data transmission
  • • Flexible and simple installation