MIE is the advanced software for multilingual design of text and graphics. It has been developed in close conjunction with our customers resulting in a user friendly program with advanced functionality. This software allows users to create text for both exterior and interior signs, set up route descriptions and manage next-stop announcements. Customised files are quickly and easily transferred to the Mobitec signs and control units. As MIE follows the Windows standard, it is easy to learn. The program uses normal text editing functions such as cut, copy and paste. Several guides help you at every stage of the program. Let the program format the text, suggest suitable fonts or enter your text manually. The unique MIE program allows you to handle any language – two in parallel if needed.

  • Features
  • Automatic text formatting
  • Multilingual text editing
  • Bus and system application simulator
  • Free Text easy input Option
  • Text import and export functions
  • Easy transfer via USB
  • Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Increased text editing efficiency
  • Handles all languages