Posted on 9th December 2023

McKenna Brothers have been providing a quality product for the transport industry now for more than 37 years, and right from the start we made the decision that if you have a quality product to sell, you must also have a first class customer service team in place to provide any back-up that may be required by our many valued customers.

We like to think that we achieved this aim and indeed continue to offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service that we believe is second to none.

It is however still very pleasing when we receive comments from a customer which confirms this fact, and be thanked for and I quote ”Such a considerable and professional response throughout” This particular customer also went on to say ”It is unfortunate that the bus industry in all departments does not follow your example”

That is a great shame that other companies within our industry do not have the same attention to detail and customer care that McKenna Brothers have, but rest assured that as we have done since April 1978, McKenna Brothers will continue to be ”THE COMPANY THAT CARES”

On this occasion special thanks must go to Richard, Neil and Paul ”You are the business boys” (apparently)