New LED Ultima Displays

Posted on 9th December 2023

Our New range of Led Ultima displays offer Lower power consumption:
Minimum 20% reduction in power consumption for each sign type. This means lower fuel
consumption and therefore lower operating costs.
The new design includes intelligent power management using different energy modes, including standby
with very low power consumption (0.2mW).
Ultra light:
Up to 50% weight reduction compared to existing sign generation.
Weight reduction leads to lower fuel consumption and therefore lower operating costs.
Ultra slim:
More than 40% slimmer than existing signs.
Wide ranging flexibility when positioning and installing the sign inside the vehicle thanks to the
highly compact design.
Ideal for open mounting or free hanging installation inside the vehicle.
Green focus:
We act green: smaller carbon footprint thanks to use of material with low power consumption in production.
You drive green: low weight and power consumption will help operators reduce fuel consumption, CO2
emissions and operating costs.
Reduced environmental impact throughout production and product use.