Meet Eve our new Guide Dog

Posted on 9th December 2023

McKenna Brothers are proud to be the new sponsors of Eve read about the start of her journey below.

Eve’s journey

Now that Eve has been vaccinated and assessed at the NBC, she has been placed with her Puppy Walkers, Ian and Lesley, where she will explore the sights, sounds and smells of the world. It’s important that Eve has lots of different experiences so she isn’t nervous or fearful of new situations. She will learn basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’, as well as other skills like to walk ahead on the lead – not ‘to heel’.

At around 12 months old, Eve will be off to guide dog training school. There she will learn everything she needs to know to guide a person with sight loss.

We are excited to see how this confident, lovable puppy develops, and it’s only possible thanks to your generous support! With over 180,000 people with sight loss in the UK rarely leaving home alone, the skills Eve and her siblings learn are vital. We can’t wait to update you on her progress as she prepares to change the life of a person with sight loss.