Luminator Technology Group – Enhancing Transit for the Future

Posted on 9th December 2023

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How do you travel around your city? Transit is absolutely key in urban areas, and especially in the new wave of smart cities flourishing around the world.

With technology becoming ever more integrated with transport & mobility infrastructure, the information generated can be vital for authorities and private transit operators to analyse and put to use improving the mobility of people and goods.

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) delivers a fully integrated, cost-effective, and reliable suite of technology solutions that deliver intelligence, safety, and efficiency to transit systems in over 85 countries around the world.

As the Smart City concept becomes more mainstream, the competitiveness between different cities can be what drives innovation and, in turn, improvement in transit systems.

‘Each city would like to be smarter and more modern than other ones,’ explains Franz Foth, Luminator’s Managing Director for Europe, Middle East & Africa. ‘Passenger information is a very important part of that.’

Kirk Goins, CEO, picks up the thread. ‘We work very hard to provide the best solutions we can. For example, in London, the signage on the buses has to conform to a certain style, but it also has to have better sighting for disabled people.’

Providing the essential functionality and catering to the differing requirements of various cities simultaneously means Luminator has the all-round expertise to take urban mobility into the future.

Combining strategic engineering, product development and smart acquisitions, Luminator is aiming to connect transit passengers to vital information while supporting the operational objectives of efficient transit operations. More importantly, they do this sustainably, building products and solutions that last, and are able to withstand harsh temperatures and power fluctuations.

Safety is one very significant social issue and one that is getting more attention in public transportation. Driver, passenger, and even community safety are top priorities. One of the ways Luminator is continuing to invest in development is through strategic partnerships with customers, local police, and other law enforcement organizations to determine how they can use video and other data points in the transit system to create a more secure environment.