Posted on 9th December 2023

The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden has now opened a brand new area known as ”The Family Gallery” which is designed for all children aged between 0 to 7 years.

The gallery will for the first time include an area specifically for infants called ”Baby DLR” and is equipped with an interactive wall and building blocks

Also in the gallery is a section of a full size Optare Solo bus and any child wishing to do so can dress up in a driver’s uniform complete with hat, sit in the driver’s seat and amongst other things operate the McKenna/mobitec SMARTBLIND destination signs using the fitted cab controller to change the blind display, in the very same way a real life London bus driver does every working day.

So if you are planning a trip to London with your family, don’t forget to drop in at the museum, but be prepared to stay a while as there is plenty for the little ones to keep them entertained in the new ”Family Gallery”