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Here is how Una, our sponsor a guide dog puppy is getting along in the words of Jo, her early trainer.


Hi, it’s Jo here, Una’s Early Trainer and welcome to her fourth Pupdate!

Developing crucial skills

I’m pleased to say that Una has been doing brilliantly with early training and it won’t be long before she moves on to advanced training!

Una is such an attentive and responsive girl, which has made training her really easy and good fun. Her social behaviour is also brilliant – Una’s Puppy Walker clearly did a very good job of socialising her when she was younger!

Una’s confidence has grown in the harness so much since I first started working with her. At first, I had to always show her what to do, whereas now she makes her own guidance decisions and takes the initiative herself.

Una now thinks about her handler when she moves around obstacles too, making sure to keep them out of harm’s way. Her kerb work is also particularly good – she does a nice ‘stop’ when she encounters kerbs. I’m really pleased as these are crucial skills for a guide dog, and will keep her future owner safe when out and about.

Broadening horizons

Una was a bit of a fidget when she first started going on public transport, but she’s now become used to travelling on the bus and train and just tucks herself away, curls up and snoozes. She really enjoys travelling in the car with the rest of the pack too! I recently took her to London to attend an awareness event. She wasn’t fazed by the busy streets and the attention she got, which was brilliant. She didn’t think much of the Tube, but who can blame her!

Princess Una

Una loves her friend Monty who arrived at the kennels around the same time – they are inseparable and like to sleep right next to each other which is lovely to see. We call her ‘Princess Una’ as she is very pretty and sweet! She’s very affectionate too – even at training school she’ll sometimes lean right into me to have a big fuss and cuddle (I think she believes she’s smaller than she really is)! She boards with a lovely family whose little boy was a bit nervous of dogs at first, but Una’s gentle nature has reassured him and now he loves to cuddle her.

We look forward to hearing more about Una’s progress when she moves onto her advanced training.

Posted on 13th February 2018 by Malcolm Randles