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Una our sponsored guide dog puppy has come on leaps and bounds in her training. She has mastered stairs and her confidence in lifts has really improved, Stacey, who is Una’s puppy walker says she is very pleased how well she handles busy environments, which don’t seem to phase her at all.

Una has visited lots of places including the theatre and cinema, where she behaved like an absolute superstar. Stacey is also planning to take Una to the Tate Museum in London to see how she handles an even busier environment

What next for Una ? well she will be off soon on new adventures when she goes on her early training, Stacey is positive she will do well as she has been a star during her puppy walking, and says she honestly couldn’t find a bad thing to say about her.

We will of course update you on how she gets along in the next part of her journey around October time.

Posted on 15th June 2017 by Malcolm Randles