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Smartblind 02040-R7 EN McKenna_web-1


Smartblind is the intelligent electronic roller blind used for the display of text and graphics. The signs, as with all
products, are designed from a user-friendly perspective. Text shown on the drivers controller is created
using the Mobitec
editing software, and by means of USB flash memory, is quickly and smoothly transferred to the
on board unit. These Smartblind
displays, together with our complete product range, give you information
systems designed for the demanding vehicle
Destination blinds can be changed in the vehicle or on the bench by removing an inner chassis from the glass
casing. The on board controller text can then be updated by USB flash memory.
To get optimal visibility the blinds can be printed using contrasting McKennaglo yellow and black, multiple
colours can also
be printed in both text and graphics. Automatic message alignment is achieved by using
intelligent sensing. Backlighting is
included in this enclosed system.
Smartblind can be used in conjunction with Mobitec LED and Flip-Dot signs from the same driver’s controller.
Systems are
all supplied with built in fixing points and cables fitted with connectors for a flexible and easy installation.


F e a t u r e s

• Aluminium housing
• Removable chassis
• Electronic control
• Manual over-ride
• Built in illumination
• Different sizes


B e n e f i t s

• Optimal legibility
• Easy roll maintenance
• System compatibility