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MobiLED Compact Image

This new MobiLED sign has a very compact design, making it the ideal choice for passenger information in a
confined space e.g. on
minibuses, interurban buses or coaches. Despite the compact dimensions, it offers the
option of displaying one or two lines of text.
Furthermore, it is simple to install and very easy to read.
The Compact sign is available with or without an integrated control unit on the back of the housing – a new
Mobitec variant. With
this it is easily possible to enter text directly, using an alphanumeric keyboard.
Alternatively, the display is programmed by means of the
standard Mobitec Editor MIE- the information is
downloaded quickly
via USB flash memory. Of course, the display is also compatible with any of our other
products. Furthermore, it is the ideal solution for retrofitting:
Apart from connecting the power supply, no
further cabling
is necessary.


Special features
• Compact, robust design
• Despite compact dimensions, the display can show two lines of text
• Light-weight
• The ideal choice especially for retrofitting
• Optionally integrated control unit with up to 50 memory slots
• Automatic adaption of the light-intensity